Your Summer Skin Care Routine

With the temperature getting hotter and the sun getting stronger, now is the perfect time to evaluate your summer skin care routine.  Your summer skin care should focus on anti-aging and prevention of sun damage. In addition to daily cleansing with the Clarisonic (using the cleanser of your choice) and daily use of sunscreen, I recommend TNS Essential Serum and Lytera 2.0.

TNS Essential Serum combines two great products in one delivery system; TNS Recovery Complex and APS Corrective Complex, a proprietary formula of strong antioxidants. Antioxidants are especially important in the summer […]

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Why the Hype About CoolSculpting?

If you know anything about body contouring, you’ve probably heard about CoolSculpting. That’s because it’s a highly effective and innovative alternative to invasive, surgical procedures. With many different practices offering this new treatment and so many patients flocking to undergo it, it’s normal to wonder what all the hype is about. If you’ve wondered why CoolSculpting is so popular with patients looking for the best solution to their stubborn pockets of fat, here are some reasons.

Non-Invasive Treatment

Unlike Liposuction or body lift procedures, CoolSculpting doesn’t require any incisions or surgical steps. […]

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Your Options for Facial Rejuvenation

When you look in the mirror what do you see? If you have droopy brows or eyelids, hollow or sagging cheeks, jowls, a sagging neck, or wrinkles and laugh lines, you may want to consider a facial rejuvenation treatment. There are many different cosmetic procedures that can be done to rejuvenate the face and turn back the hands of time. Read on to learn more about these procedure options and which one is right for you.

Brow Lift

A browlift is a common procedure to help reverse the effects of aging and gravity. […]

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Signs it Might be Time for a Tummy Tuck

Many surgical and nonsurgical procedures promise body recontouring, making it difficult for some to decide which one is best for them! The tummy tuck is one that many individuals turn to when they have significant concerns about their abdominal area. Keep reading to find out when it might be time for a tummy tuck procedure of your own.

Loose Muscles

During weight gain or pregnancy, the abdominal muscles are stretched, and when the weight is off you might experience a hard time getting those muscles to tighten up again. Many people can tighten […]

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Can You Guess The Plastic Surgery Trends?

Data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shows continued growth in cosmetic procedures over the last year. Since the start of the new millennium there has been a shift in the types of procedures patients have chosen. In my practice, Facial Rejuvenation remains the number one reason patients schedule a consult, but we have seen a steady increase in the number of patients seeking consultation for breast lift surgery.

With aging, weight loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding the breasts lose volume which often cause them to flatten and sag. Many women […]

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3 Things to Consider Before Breast Augmentation

When looking into breast augmentation there are three main points that you need to consider before committing to surgery. Just like any other surgical procedure, medical or cosmetic, careful planning is necessary for a successful outcome.

  1. Find a Surgeon You Trust

When looking for a surgeon to perform your breast surgery you should look for two things: credentials and before & after photos. These two key factors will help you get a good idea of the surgeon’s training and their work. At Prysi Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Mark Prysi and his skilled staff […]

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