Out With The Old, In With The New!

Most of us love the familiar skin care and beauty products we have collected in our bathroom drawers and catch all baskets. It’s fun to look through the samples and try different things! But, have you ever wondered what their shelf life is? Expired serums, lotions, sunscreens and cosmetics can become unstable and irritate the skin. With the calendar getting ready to roll into a new year, now is the time to go through your stash and part ways with things that are outdated or taking up space.

Common sense plays a […]

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The Most Comfortable Body Contouring Treatment

While there is no shortage of non-surgical treatments on the market; they are not all the same. BTL Vanquish ME is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that is quite different than most and doesn’t involve the contact of an applicator. This is one of the characteristics that makes Vanquish more comfortable than some of the other options on the market.

How Does BTL Vanquish ME Work?

The BTL Vanquish ME body-contouring treatment is a contactless treatment that uses radio frequency to heat and subsequently eliminate the unwanted fat cells in the targeted treatment area. […]

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Get Holiday Party-Ready with Injectables

Holiday party season is here! With parties already starting, minimally invasive treatments and procedures are the perfect solution to enhancing your natural beauty with little downtime. The most popular treatments that patients rely on for a quick enhancement are injectable treatments at our med spa.

Smooth Out Lines

For patients looking to smooth out lines created by repetitive expressions such as frowning, squinting and furrowing, Neuromodulators such as Botox® and Dysport® can be used to relax muscles as well as prevent muscles from making these movements that set in these lines […]

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Hydrator vs. Moisturizer

As the largest organ in our body, our skin requires special treatment to keep its youthful glow. Not many of us know that moisturizing and hydrating, although often used interchangeably, are not the same thing. While they both provide our skin with much-needed nourishment, knowing the difference will help you make the best choice for your skin’s specific needs.


Dehydrated skin lacks water and dry skin lacks oil. So, your skin could be dehydrated, dry, or both. Therefore, it is important to choose the right products and know how and when to use […]

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Treatments for a Radiant Complexion This Fall

Fall is finally here, which means it’s the perfect time to take care of the damage the sun has caused to your skin over the summer months. At Prysi Cosmetic Surgery, we offer a selection of non-surgical treatment options to refresh and rejuvenate the skin. Read on to learn more about these treatment options and what they can do for you.

Chemical Peels

Sun damage such as dark spots, freckles, wrinkles, and fine lines can be treated with a series of chemical peels. These treatments can also be used on many areas of […]

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Preparing For Your Procedure

“Success depends upon previous preparation…”


Planning for elective surgery can seem overwhelming at times. Our primary goal is to make sure you are fully prepared for surgery. You will receive a very specific set of guidelines prior to your pre-operative visit to help you adequately prepare ahead of time. Your nurse will go over all the instructions with you and your loved ones, and you’ll receive a copy to have at home. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

What medications do I need to stop taking? 

2 weeks prior to surgery you are to stop […]

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