Plastic Surgery in Punta Gorda

Dr. Mark Prysi is acclaimed for his consistently excellent results for patients in Punta Gorda and surrounding areas. He brings to his practice his vast experience and artistic skills. Dr. Prysi is known to patiently listen to all his patients in order to understand their concerns and desired aesthetic goals before he develops a customized treatment plan. It is his unique skills combined with his warmth and passion to help patients that resulted in him being deemed as one of the “Best Plastic Surgeons” in the US. You can choose from a range of cosmetic procedures to achieve youthful rejuvenation to your face and body.

Facial rejuvenation procedures

Patients from Punta Gorda and surrounding areas seek a consultation from Dr. Prysi due to his innovative approach to the facial rejuvenation procedures. He uses the most advanced techniques and in combination with his unsurpassed artistic details, these procedures offer you results that look natural yet dramatic and restore the harmony of your facial features. Dr. Prysi often recommends the endoscopic technique for facelift giving his patients the amazing results with less scarring, a shorter recovery period and without the ‘pulled’ look that you could get from the traditional technique of facelift. Here are the facial procedures you can choose from:

Body surgery procedures

Aging leads to undesirable changes to your body as well. Most people suffer from low self-confidence when they find that their smooth and sculpted youthful appearance is diminishing with time. Pregnancy, childbirth and massive weight loss also leaves you with stubborn fatty deposits in certain areas of the body and a loss in muscle tone and skin elasticity. Once we understand your body concerns as well as the results you desire, the best body contouring procedure is developed for your specific needs. Patients in Punta Gorda can choose from the following procedures:

Breast surgery procedures

Due to genetics, aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight fluctuations women see several changes in their breasts over time. These changes could be in the shape, size, volume and contours of the breasts. Whether you wish to go up a cup size, reduce large breasts, lift drooping breasts or improve the results from a previously done augmentation, Dr. Prysi will help you achieve perky and youthful breasts that fit perfectly with your body type and lifestyle. Men suffering from gynecomastia or ‘male boobs’ can also get a chiseled and masculine chest. Here are the best breast procedures you can choose in Punta Gorda:

Non-invasive procedures

Not everybody looking for cosmetic rejuvenation wants to undergo a surgical procedure. There are several non-surgical and less invasive treatments offered by Dr. Prysi to his patients in Punta Gorda. These help achieve natural results and also maintain the results of a previously done cosmetic surgery. Depending on the amount of correction you require and your aesthetic goals, we recommend the best procedure for you. Here are the procedures you can choose from:

Med spa procedures

The day spa at Prysi MD offers you an unsurpassed experience with each treatment that you undergo in the relaxing atmosphere. Our team is patient and offers safety and optimum care with the several rejuvenating treatments at our Med Spa. From medical grade facials and peels to the eyelash enhancement treatment, we offer the latest and most effective procedures which give you stunning results with minimal downtime. Here are the procedures patients in Punta Gorda can enjoy:

About Punta Gorda, FL

Punta Gorda is a city in the Charlotte County of Florida. It is the only incorporated municipality in the county and also the county seat of Charlotte County. In the aftermath of the Hurricane Charley in 2004, new buildings were built to hurricane-resistant building codes. The new buildings, restorations and amenities preserved the city’s past while showcasing the newer facilities. This is when the Laishley Park Municipal Marina was built and the Harborwalk, Linear Park and various trails were created throughout the city for pedestrian traffic and bicycles. A replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated in 2016; and the city also features the ‘Whispering Giant’ statue, which is the public art sculpture of the face of a Native American man and a Native American woman.