An endoscopic composite facelift is a minimally invasive facelift that targets the face and neck for a more rejuvenated appearance. An endoscopic composite facelift uses advanced facial rejuvenation techniques to offer certain advantages over a traditional facelift with fewer risks and a shorter recovery.

What is an Endoscopic Composite Facelift?

An endoscopic composite facelift offers a less invasive option to treat sagging skin in many areas of the face and neck. Compared to a regular lift, this type of facelift has many benefits when it comes to issues with the center of the face. Endoscopic composite facelifts are offered in the Naples, FL area for those who have moderate sag, folds, or wrinkles in the face.

Endoscopic Composite Facelift Candidates

Candidates for an endoscopic composite facelift are those in the Naples, FL area who wish to improve their moderate facial concerns. This might include sagging in the midface, downturned lips, or lines and wrinkles. Those with areas that might be difficult to treat with a traditional facelift such as sagging or wrinkles in the mid and lower face can benefit from an endoscopic composite facelift. The idea of less scarring after a procedure makes this type of facelift appealing to many, but candidates must also understand certain limitations that come with any surgical procedure. Maintaining a positive outlook and being realistic about your results can help you to be a more successful candidate.

Endoscopic Composite Facelift Procedure

An endoscopic composite facelift in Naples involves only a few very small incisions. Because of this, there is less bleeding and swelling and fewer stitches are needed. The incisions will be strategically placed where they can be hidden by the hairline or behind the ears. Due to the minimal size of the incisions required, there is greater flexibility with where surgical tools can be used. Small, wand-like instruments can be used to remove excess fat and tissue to tighten the face and improve frown lines between the eyes, around the eyebrows, and around the nose and mouth. Before, a facelift could only treat the skin, but with an endoscopic composite lift, the deeper, sub-muscular layers can be treated as well.

Endoscopic Composite Facelift Recovery

Recovery after an endoscopic composite facelift is often shorter than a traditional facelift and poses fewer risks for complications. Because this type of facelift is able to target deeper layers of tissue, results tend to last longer than traditional lifts that rely on the skin to hold up facial tissue. Individuals who receive an endoscopic composite facelift in Naples, FL can enjoy a more youthful appearance with the facial features lifted to their natural position.

This type of lift requires not only extensive experience but an artistic eye as well. Most surgeons in Naples do not offer endoscopic composite facelifts. Dr. Prysi is a facelift specialist who values natural and lasting results and sees an endoscopic composite facelift as one of the highest advances in facial surgery. To learn more about this type of lift or to find out if you are a candidate, contact Prysi Cosmetic Surgery today. We can provide you with more information or schedule your consultation for an endoscopic composite facelift in Naples, FL.