Endoscopic Mid-Facelift – Naples & Fort Myers, Florida

Patients in the Naples area have the exclusive option of mid-facelift surgery. Mid-facelift is a variation of traditional facelift that targets the midface, or the facial region between the eyes and the mouth. It is common for the fat and muscle in this area to descend with age. Lack of volume in the midface can contribute to wrinkles and creases like the nasolabial folds. The Endoscopic Mid-Facelift, offered by top Naples Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mark Prysi, restores displaced fat and modifies the tissues to produce a more youthful-looking facial appearance. Dr. Prysi prides himself on using innovative techniques and technology to provide natural, beautiful results to his patients throughout Southwest Florida.

Candidates for Mid-Facelift

If you wish to address early signs of aging in the mid-face area, a mid-facelift may be able to benefit you. You may be a candidate for a mid-facelift if you have one or more of the following concerns:

  • Sallow or hollow-looking undereye area
  • Sagging of your cheeks
  • Lines around your nose or mouth
  • Marionette lines (vertical lines running from the outer corners of your mouth to your chin)
  • Nasolabial folds

If you’re considering mid-facelift surgery or facial surgical procedures, such as endoscopic composite facelift, you should be healthy with no medical conditions that could impair your healing or increase your surgical risk. It’s important that you have concrete, reasonable expectations and goals of surgery. Dr. Prysi will discuss your goals and expectations during a surgical consultation at his Naples, FL practice.

What Happens During Mid-Facelift?

Mid-facelift is an outpatient procedure that takes one to four hours. Anesthesia and sedation medications are administered to help you sleep comfortably during surgery. To begin, Dr. Prysi makes small incisions in your hairline. Through the incisions, he lifts the sagging cheek tissue (malar fat pad) to give your cheekbones a more youthful contour and smooth any lines around your mouth. When Dr. Prysi is finished modifying the tissues and fat, he closes the incisions with sutures.

In some cases, a mid-facelift is combined with eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) to rejuvenate saggy, droopy or puffy upper and lower eyelids, or brow lift to elevate the brows into a more youthful position.

Recovering from Mid-Facelift

Because an endoscopic mid-facelift surgery is less invasive than a full facelift surgery, it does not require as much recovery time. It is not uncommon for mid-facelift surgery to cause temporary swelling, bruising, and numbness, but these side effects will disappear over time. Any discomfort can be controlled with prescription medication. It’s best to get ample rest and relaxation during your recovery and to avoid any strenuous activity or heavy lifting. Elevating your head when lying down and applying cold compresses to the treated area can help to reduce swelling.

Dr. Prysi will schedule several follow-up appointments with you to check your healing progress and remove your sutures at his Naples, FL office. He will also advise when it is safe for you to return to work, exercise, and your normal routine. Results can last up to 10 years, depending on each patient’s health and lifestyle.

What is the Cost of Mid-Facelift Surgery?

The price of endoscopic mid-facelift varies from practice to practice. It also depends on the individual patient and the desired outcome. For more exact pricing, contact Prysi Cosmetic surgery today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Prysi.

Learn More About Mid-Facelift Surgery

If you would like to revitalize your facial appearance through mid-facelift surgery, please contact Dr. Mark Prysi for a consultation. Dr. Prysi would be glad to discuss the procedure, and what to expect, with you in more detail during your consultation.

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