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The lips are a central part of the lower face that add balance to the other features. Thick, luscious lips are often seen as a sign of youth and fullness. Whether it’s the aging process or genetics, thin lips can make it difficult to feel confident showing off your favorite lip colors or enjoying a balanced profile. Lip injectables are one excellent way to achieve great results without the downtime or permanency of a lip lift procedure. With the popularity of lip injection treatments among celebrities and influencers, Prysi Cosmetic Surgery offers the best in injectable options with the Juvéderm family of fillers.

What is Juvéderm Ultra XC?

Juvéderm Ultra XC is an injectable treatment designed to add volume to the lips and fill in vertical lip lines. This Juvéderm injectable and others are made with synthetic, cross-linked hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally found in the skin that is responsible for retaining moisture and suppleness. When injected under the surface of the skin, it replaces volume lost by decreased collagen production over time. This creates the appearance of fuller, more youthful lips.

Juvéderm Ultra XC is made with Juvéderm’s proven VYCROSS® cross-linking technology which allows Ultra XC to retain its shape and strength over time while still letting you move and express as naturally as ever. Because the mouth is an extremely mobile area of the face, it’s important that your injectable option allows for emoting and movement while lasting as long as possible.

Who is a Good Candidate for Juvéderm Ultra XC?

Patients who are looking for a temporary solution to thin or aging lips can find great results with Juvéderm Ultra XC. Injectable treatments can also be a great way to explore your cosmetic goals with lip enhancement before considering a surgical procedure. It’s important to discuss any allergies (including lidocaine) or history of reactions during your consultation so our expert injectors can determine whether this injectable is the best option for you. You should always receive injectable treatments from an experienced and trained injector under the supervision of a board certified plastic surgeon. This ensures you get your desired results while staying safe and risk averse. During a consultation, our specialists can also discuss your options for surgical lip enhancement.

How is Juvéderm Ultra XC Treatment Performed?

Injectable treatments can be performed right in our Naples office during a quick and easy session. We generally recommend a topical anesthetic during lip injections because the lips are especially sensitive versus other treatment areas. Juvéderm Ultra XC contains lidocaine for additional comfort during injection, which is a common topical anesthetic used by dentists and ophthalmologists. Once you’re comfortable and relaxed, a very fine needle is used to place the product under the skin of the lips using several specific injections so that your results are artfully and naturally crafted by our expert injectors. After your injections are completed, you’ll be given a small list of aftercare instructions and you can return home. Overall, this process can take as little as fifteen minutes.

Results and Recovery

After treatment with lip injections, most patients experience some minor swelling and discomfort. We generally recommend you alleviate this with an ice pack as needed— you can generally expect any side-effects to fade within a day or so. You can return to your regular activities immediately, although you should be sure to keep your lips moisturized. Although it’s different for each patient, you can expect your Juvéderm Ultra XC results to last for up to one year, after which you can opt for retreatment or touch-up. During a consultation, our expert injectors can recommend your best options to boost your results and confidence with other injectable options or skincare treatments.

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Injectable treatments are one great way to enhance your look without downtime or incisions. To begin discussing your options with lip injections and Juvéderm Ultra XC, contact our Naples office to schedule a consultation with our expert injectors.