The Science Behind Skin Care:
What Actually Works and Other Non-invasive Methods

A clear and healthy complexion is the first impression of beauty and overall health. Due to years of skin neglect and sun exposure, skin health restoration is vital to improving the elasticity and quality of the skin. There are a million different skin products available, but only a very few that change the structure of your skin. All other products make your skin feel or look better temporarily, but do nothing to restore skin health at a cellular level. products make your skin feel or look better temporarily, but do nothing to restore skin health at a cellular level.

There are four skin health restoration principals; Correction (improve the epidermis or outer layer of the skin); Stimulation (improve the dermis or collagen content of the skin); Bleaching and Blending (correction of pigmentation problems) and Sun Protection. The most important improvement of the outer layer of the skin, or the epidermis, is daily use of your Clarisonic. Not only does it cleanse your skin eight times better, it helps exfoliate and make room for younger, healthier skin to come to the surface. Collagen stimulation is the most critical aspect of skin restoration.

There are only two products that have been proven to stimulate new collagen production and that is Retin-A, which does it by stimulation and irritation, which does work, but many in Florida find it too sun sensitive and irritating to use long term. Even though older cells have the ability to produce collagen, they just stop. TNS Recovery Protein is a protein that has been scientifically proven to stimulate the cells to make collagen again. The advantage of TNS is that it does not cause any skin irritation. Skin pigmentation improvement is done by removing the melanin, which causes the brown pigment in the epidermal layer of the skin. Hydroquinone has been the workhorse product to do this, but recent studies have shown long term use of Hydroquinone is detrimental to your skin by thinning the dermis.

A newer product, Lytera, is better for maintaining your skin pigmentation without any long term issues. The only other product to be scientifically shown to benefit your skin is Vitamin C antioxidant. It prevents collagen breakdown from the sun rays that get past your sunscreen. Yearly SkinMedica chemical peels can also benefit skin cell turnover. Creating healthy skin is not as complicated as the skin care industry alludes to. For example, expensive cleansers, moisturizers and nighttime creams are no more beneficial than Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer.

Also, it has been scientifically shown in the last several years that Retinols, such as those made by SkinMedica, are much healthier for your skin long term than prescription Retin-A. We hope you have the opportunity to attend one of our in office seminars, where your will be educated on the scientific basis for restoration of your skin health and learn about your personalized and simple program to restore a beautiful complexion.

– Mark Prysi, MD