Recovery after Plastic Surgery

After a plastic surgery procedure, patients may require downtime or recovery. In addition to the instructions given to them by their surgeon, it is important that patients perform the following during their recovery time:

Monitor Healingshutterstock_268940690

To make sure an incision heals properly, patients should monitor their progress. Checking the incision site every day is one way to monitor healing. Monitoring will allow you to notice any changes as they occur. If you schedule a follow up appointment with Dr. Prysi, you will be able to explain exactly how your healing has progressed. Your communication may help ease you through your recovery.

Follow Instructions

In Naples, plastic surgeons give their patients detailed instructions. These instruction are given to promote the best possible results from a procedure. Following these instructions is important. Instructions about exercises and activity can allow you to recover with the best results.

Check for Infection

After a surgical procedure, you may note a risk of infection. To avoid infection, patients can look for warning signs. Red flags will include additional pain around incisions, fever, puss, or red coloration. Although patients can expect some pain, infection will increase these levels. These signs can prevent further injury or revision procedures.

By following these guidelines, Naples patients may experience the most out of their recovery; they can expect to see their results soon after their procedure. For more information about recovery and guidelines, patients can read testimonials or visit individual procedure pages for more information.