Just like other features of your face, your smile and lips are a prominent characteristic that defines you. However, if you have suffered from the aging process resulting in thin lips and developed fine lines around your mouth you may not be as confident about your smile as most. Thankfully, in Naples, Florida there is a simple injectable solution called Restylane® Silk.

What is Restylane® Silk?

Restylane® Silk is specifically designed to improve your lips and provide silky, smooth and natural results. Like the other members of the Restylane® family, Silk is a clear injectable gel that is made up of hyaluronic acid, or a sugar that is naturally present in our skin that gives it youthful fullness and glow. Silk is different because the particles are smaller and smoother than other products, making it safe and effective for the lips and surrounding area.

What does a Restylane® Silk treatment involve?

With its unique particle formula and an ultrafine needle designed specifically for improved accuracy, you will see softer and precise results in just a matter of two weeks. The treatment process is very shortwith absolutely no downtime require ed. Most patients see lip improvement up to 6 months following treatment and results can be maintained with following touch-up treatments. As with any hyaluronic acid injections, the most common side effect is temporary swelling at the injection site and possible bruising.

If you are dissatisfied with your thin lips, lost shape and increased vertical lines above the lips, then Restylane® Silk may be the right non-surgical treatment for you. A consultation with Dr. Mark Prysi in Naples, Florida, is necessary to determine the optimum treatment, so you will ultimately be happy with the outstanding outcomes. Get your naturally enhanced smile today.