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The Benefits of Retinols

There have only been two products that have been scientifically proven to increase collagen in someone’s skin; the first is SkinMedica’s TNS Recovery Complex which has a protein complex that stimulates your cells to begin producing collagen again. The benefits of TNS are no irritants or sun sensitivity side effects. The majority of our patients are using this daily. The other product that has long-standing studies that have shown to produce collagen is Retin-A.

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The Science Behind Skin Care:
What Actually Works and Other Non-invasive Methods

A clear and healthy complexion is the first impression of beauty and overall health. Due to years of skin neglect and sun exposure, skin health restoration is vital to improving the elasticity and quality of the skin. There are a million different skin products available, but only a very few that change the structure of your skin. All other products make your skin feel or look better temporarily, but do nothing to restore skin health at a cellular level.

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