When considering skin revitalizing options, cosmetic surgeons offer many different options. Different problem areas may be treated with different products. Different treatments may be more effective than others. An article by NewBeauty.com mentioned ‘doctor advised dos and don’ts.’

Here are three additional skin care considerations:shutterstock_219055537


Is your skin dry or oily? The nature of your skin may help determine eligibility for skin options. Too many treatments may only exacerbate skin dryness. Skin assessments may allow your surgeon to best understand your skin state. After an assessment, they may determine what cosmetic options best treat your problem areas. They may avoid the peels or laser that induce further dryness or irritation. In Naples, patients can opt for skin assessments to determine what treatments may work best with your skin.


Seasons also make a difference in your skin. Higher humidity can increase moisture. Lower humidity can cause skin dryness. For some complexions, more sunlight exposure can also affect skin conditions (sun damage is also something you can consider).

The Results

Different skin care products and treatments can create different results. Before you go into a consultation, it is important that you assess your own desires. What specific areas do you want to address? By taking time to consider the areas, you can determine which treatments may best treat your problem areas.

These three things, in combination, can help you consider your skin care options. In Naples, Dr. Prysi can also assess your skin and offer you different skin options. Those desiring skin care options can call ahead or visit the office for more information.

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