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Sometimes, no matter how much you diet and exercise, you just can’t get rid of those pockets of excess fat on your thighs. Unfortunately diet and exercise don’t do much to help with skin elasticity and sagging skin.

Whether due to weight loss, aging, or simply gravity, sagging thighs can be an issue for many people, but with thigh lift surgery, you can finally have the shapely legs you’ve always wanted.

What is a Thigh Lift?

A thigh lift is an outpatient surgical procedure used to remove excess skin and fat, tighten the skin, and recontour the upper 1/3 of the inner thigh, giving you the slimmer, firmer body you’re looking for. Thigh lift surgery can be performed in combination with liposuction.

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Am I a Good Candidate for a Thigh Lift in Naples?

If your weight is relatively stable (within 10 pounds of your ideal weight) and you are committed to leading a healthy lifestyle, which includes proper nutrition and fitness, a thigh lift in our surgery center near Fort Myers may be right for you. Furthermore, if you have excess soft tissue along the inner thigh, you may be a good candidate and should schedule your thigh lift consultation at our Naples, FL office.

The Thigh Lift Procedure

At Prysi Cosmetic Surgery, thigh lift procedures begin with the administration of general anesthesia to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure.

Once the anesthesia sets in, Dr. Prysi will use a specific type of incision technique based on your concerns and the results you’re looking for. The first type is an inner thigh incision that starts at the groin, extends downward, and wraps around the back of the thigh.

Once the incisions are made, excess fat, tissue, and skin will be removed, and your thigh will be reshaped to give you the results you’re looking for. The remaining skin will also be gently pulled to provide a firmer appearance.

From there, sutures will be used to help form and support the new thigh shape, and then the incisions will be closed.

Thigh Lift Recovery

During your recovery from thigh lift surgery, dressings/bandages will be applied to your incisions, and a small thin tube may be placed under the skin to drain out excess blood and fluid that may collect. You will likely have some swelling, bruising, and discomfort during the first few days of recovery, but those will diminish as you recover.

Dr. Prysi will also give you instructions on how to take care of the surgical site, what medication to take to ensure the best healing process, what to avoid, and when to schedule your follow-up appointment.

You’ll want to avoid putting too much pressure on your incision sites, as well as moving your legs too much before your incisions are fully healed.


You may be able to see some results almost immediately, but due to the swelling, it can take a few months for the final results to be fully visible. You will likely see scars, especially in the weeks and months right after surgery, but those will become less obvious as time goes by.

The results will last five to ten years or more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Thigh Lift

How do you prepare for a thigh lift?

To prepare for a thigh lift, patients should quit smoking, maintain a healthy diet, and sustain a stable weight leading up to the surgery. Patients should also arrange for someone to drive them to and from the surgery, and to assist them post-operatively.

Where are the scars for a thigh lift?

The scars for a thigh lift are typically located in areas that can be concealed by most clothing and swimwear.

How long does a thigh lift take?

A thigh lift typically takes about two to three hours to perform.

Is a thigh lift painful?

As you will be given general anesthesia, you will feel absolutely nothing during the procedure. Afterward, Dr. Prysi will prescribe pain medication to ensure your comfort as you heal and recover.

What are the different types of thigh lifts?

Different types of thigh lifts are aimed at improving the contour and shape of the thighs. The inner thigh lift targets the upper one third of the thigh.

Will a thigh lift get rid of cellulite?

A thigh lift is not specifically aimed at treating cellulite. While a thigh lift may reduce the appearance of cellulite by tightening the skin and reducing fat, it doesn't directly address the underlying fibrous bands that cause the dimpled texture.

When will I see the results of my thigh lift?

Some of the results of your thigh lift will be noticeable immediately, but due to swelling, it can take up to six months to see the final results.

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Dr. Prysi understands how important it is to have thighs that look attractive and feel comfortable. If fat deposits and loose skin are causing you problems, a thigh lift at Prysi Cosmetic Surgery may be the perfect solution. Schedule a consultation today by calling our Naples, FL office at (239) 449-6489 or using our online contact form.

We service all of Southern Florida for thigh lifts, and our Naples office is conveniently located just miles south of Fort Myers.

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