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A smooth jaw and neck line are attractive qualities that people don’t necessarily think about when imagining a youthful face. Neck lift surgery is designed to treat the appearance of sagging jowls, loose neck skin and the accumulation of fat under the chin. It can have a significant influence on the rest of your facial appearance. Many patients that have had this procedure report that it has a great impact on their overall confidence, even making them feel comfortable in pictures again. Dr. Mark Prysi is a talented neck lift surgeon in Naples, Florida. He is well-known within the plastic surgery community in Southwest Florida and beyond for producing beautiful and natural-looking results. If you have noticed changes to your neck over the years and want to surgically correct them, schedule a consultation with Dr. Prysi today.

Neck Lift Candidates

Candidates for this procedure should be in good physical health, not smoke and have realistic expectations of surgery. A neck lift will improve the appearance of your neck and jawline, but it won’t affect other areas of your face, such as your eyes or the mouth area. This procedure will only deal with saggy or excess skin and not excess fat. Excess fat would have to be dealt with using a small a liposuction treatment. Other procedures are better suited to treat saggy or tired-looking eyes (e.g., eyelid surgery, brow lift) and wrinkles around your mouth (e.g., mid facelift, facelift, lip enhancement). A neck lift can be done alone or in conjunction with another procedure such as a facelift. Also, your neck lift can be done with liposuction, only if your skin quality is good and will respond to the liposuction well and contract. When there are more significant signs of aging, such as a “turkey neck”, jowls, submental fat, sagging skin, and prominent platysma bands, a more intensive procedure is required to be able to completely address all of your concerns.

The Neck Lift Procedure

Neck lift is an outpatient procedure that takes several hours and is performed using anesthesia. Dr. Prysi begins by making a small incision underneath the chin or in front of the ear lobe, wrapping around the ear toward the lower scalp. Through the incisions, he tightens the neck muscles, removes excess fat (sometimes using liposuction) and excises extra skin. If you’re a younger patient and are not looking to alter the appearance of your lower face, you may be able to undergo a facelift with incisions behind the ears. Finally, Dr. Prysi closes the incisions with sutures; the incisions are typically hidden within the hairline or in the natural contours of the face and ear. He may wrap a surgical dressing around the incision.

Recovering from Neck Lift

Mild swelling and bruising are completely normal after neck lift surgery, and will disappear over time. You also may experience a feeling of tightness and numbness on the neck shortly after surgery. The swelling and bruising side effects should subside over the following week while the tightness and numbness may last longer. Dr. Prysi will stay in close contact with you after your neck lift surgery, providing recovery instructions and scheduling follow-up appointments to check your healing progress and remove the sutures in his Naples office. If you have questions at any point during your recovery, Dr. Prysi is only a phone call away at 239-643-3223.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More about Neck Lift

If you would like a smoother jawline and more youthful-looking neck, contact Dr. Prysi to learn more about neck lift surgery in Southwest Florida. He would be happy to meet with you to discuss the surgery in greater detail during a one on one consultation.