Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) in Naples, FL

Cosmetic ear surgery, or otoplasty, corrects protruding, prominent, or misshapen ears. Dr. Mark Prysi is highly experienced in otoplasty surgery for children and adults and would be happy to discuss the cosmetic procedure and answer questions in greater detail during a consultation at his Naples plastic surgery practice. Dr. Prysi is committed to providing quality patient care and delivering natural and beautiful results for all of his patients. Because of his devotion to excellence, he has been recognized as one of the “Best Plastic Surgeons in America” by the Consumer Research Council of America and voted “Best Plastic Surgeon in Southwest Florida” seven years in a row by a local newspaper.

“Amazing work, amazing service. Have nothing but great things to say about my experience with Dr. Prysi.”

“Dr. Prysi performed extensive work on me ten years ago. The results were remarkable and long-lasting to the extent that I did not even consider going to anyone else all these years later.”

“I am very pleased with the results of my surgery and with the follow-up services that Dr. Prysi has provided to me. Dr. Prysi is very up-to-date with his techniques and I felt that he went out of his way to explain to me what he would be doing and why. Also, he and his staff made me feel very comfortable in responding to any follow-up questions that I had. ”

“Dr. Prysi creates amazing results! He kept the changes natural - just as he said he would. I could not be more pleased.”

Candidates for Ear Surgery

If you have overly large ears and are considering ear surgery for yourself or your child, it’s important to keep in mind that a good candidate for ear surgery should be in good physical and psychological health, with reasonable expectations and motivations for surgery. Dr. Prysi carefully evaluates his otoplasty candidates to ensure that they have realistic goals for surgery results as well as an understanding of the healing process. If you are seeking the procedure as an adult, you should not smoke or have any chronic medical conditions which could impair your healing– be honest with Dr. Prysi about any prescription medications you are currently taking as well as your medical history.

How is Otoplasty Performed?

Otoplasty is an outpatient procedure that typically takes about two hours. First, local anesthesia and sedation medications are administered to prevent you (or your child) from feeling anything during surgery. Dr. Prysi begins by making an incision, usually behind the outer ear in the natural folds of the skin. If he needs to make an incision in front of the ear, he will conceal the incision site within the folds of the skin.

Through the incision, Dr. Prysi alters the protruded ear, reduces large or stretched earlobes, and brings ears closer to the head. Depending on the type of ear problem, a specific technique is utilized for ear reshaping according to the treatment plan. He may remove excess cartilage, or reshape the provided ear cartilage depending on what he feels will produce the best outcome. When he’s completed sculpting your new ears, Dr. Prysi closes the surgical site with sutures and places a fresh bandage, which should stay in place for a few weeks as the ears heal.

Recovering from Ear Surgery

Ears will feel sore after otoplasty surgery, but this will disappear with time. Dr. Prysi advises each otoplasty patient to keep their head elevated as much as possible within the first few days after surgery and to avoid any physical activity, contact sports, or other risks until the ears have healed. During this time, he recommends you wear button-up shirts so as to not disrupt the healing ears. Dr. Prysi encourages all patients to keep their ear bandages and dressing clean and to talk to him about pain medications if necessary. He will check your ears’ healing progress at several follow-up appointments at his Naples, FL office, and will advise when it is safe to return to work, school, and a normal everyday routine.

Schedule an Otoplasty Consultation

Interested in learning more about otoplasty for you or your child? Whether seeking an ear reduction, ear augmentation, or a solution to hide prominent ears, contact award-winning surgeon Mark Prysi and his team at 239-643-3223 to schedule a personal consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Otoplasty

What do I need to know before getting otoplasty?

Before undergoing an otoplasty, it is important that you have a consultation with your surgeon to discuss your candidacy and what to expect after the procedure.

Does otoplasty affect hearing?

Otoplasty changes the exterior shape of the ears and will not affect hearing.

Will people notice my otoplasty?

You may notice some changes right away since you are used to the shape of your head and ears, however, others may not notice unless you tell them.

What can you not do after an otoplasty?

Following otoplasty surgery, you should take care to avoid rigorous activity and exercise. You can resume your regular exercise routine once your doctor says that it is OK.

How long do you have to sleep on your back after otoplasty?

you should sleep with your head elevated in a recliner for at least the first week after surgery. You should then continue to sleep on your back for about 2 weeks.

How long does it take the ears to settle after otoplasty?

In general, most patients will have 6 weeks of downtime after otoplasty surgery. However, improvement will become noticeable after just about 2-3 weeks.

Does otoplasty last forever?

Yes. Otoplasty is considered a permanent surgery.

Have questions?

Schedule a consultation to discuss any questions you may have and to learn more about the procedure you are interested in. Dr. Prysi can’t wait to meet with you!

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