Face Surgery in Naples, FL

Dr. Mark Prysi’s outstanding plastic surgery results and innovative approach to facial rejuvenation surgery attracts patients from all over Florida and beyond. He has earned a reputation for excellence for his beautiful, natural-looking results as well as his compassionate, personalized care.

In traditional browlifts and facelifts, a surgeon makes incisions around the ears, and from ear to ear on top of the head. Endoscopic surgery uses a small wand-like tube with a microscopic camera attached, allowing the tissues to be lifted through a few hidden incisions in the hair. This technique requires less time in recovery, produces more natural, individualized results, and eliminates the pulled and stretched look of traditional lifts.

Specifically, the endoscopic mid-facelift has revolutionized facial rejuvenation by providing a direct uplift, which has always been needed for a natural result. These advanced techniques combined with Dr. Prysi’s artistic skill can restore your facial shape back to how it used to be without any telltale signs.