3 Things to Consider Before Breast Augmentation

When looking into breast augmentation there are three main points that you need to consider before committing to surgery. Just like any other surgical procedure, medical or cosmetic, careful planning is necessary for a successful outcome.

  1. Find a Surgeon You Trust

When looking for a surgeon to perform your breast surgery you should look for two things: credentials and before & after photos. These two key factors will help you get a good idea of the surgeon’s training and their work. At Prysi Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Mark Prysi and his skilled staff strive to provide each patient with the highest level of care and the results they want. Dr. Prysi is a board-certified plastic surgeon and is a member of various national plastic surgery societies. Finding a surgeon with prestigious affiliations is a good sign that they adhere to a code of ethics and that they possess a certain level of training.

  1. Research Implant Types

As for the procedure itself, it’s important to know what type of implant that you would like to have or have it narrowed down in order to discuss pros and cons with your surgeon. Most plastic surgeons offer the three main types of implants which include saline, silicone and cohesive gel. All three of these implants have been researched and deemed safe for the body, but tend to vary in shape and feel. During your consultation, Dr. Prysi will be able to show you samples of the different implants to help you get an idea of size and texture.

  1. Understand the Risks & Maintenance Involved

While breast augmentation has been performed by plastic surgeons for many years, there is still some risk associated with the surgery. Some of these risks include the formation of scar tissue, implant leakage or rupture, scarring etc. It is important to research the risks and discuss any concerns you have with your surgeon during your consultation. After your augmentation has been successfully completed, it’s important to follow your recovery instructions closely and schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss recovery and maintenance with your surgeon.

If you are interested in learning more about breast augmentation in Naples, Florida, contact Prysi Cosmetic Surgery today to schedule a consultation.