5 Reasons Women Choose Mommy Makeovers

Plastic surgeons in Naples, Florida, offer Mommy Makeover packages. A Mommy Makeover, as opposed to a single procedure, includes a variety of procedures that shape and contour the body. shutterstock_264188093After pregnancy, women opt for a combination of tummy tucks, breast surgery, and body lifts for cosmetic results. Patients in Naples choose Mommy Makeovers for different reasons.


Instagram pictures give impressions to many women. When seeing photos of celebrities, friends, or plastic surgery patients, women may consider a Mommy Makeover procedure. Their post-baby-body may not appear the same as other women; they may choose plastic surgery to achieve a post-baby-body appearance that mimics real, or unrealistic results.


Plastic surgery patients also consider Mommy Makeovers for confidence; Mommy Makeovers offer a new aesthetic appearance. The results of pregnancy may change a woman’s body; a surgical procedure can minimize the undesirable results.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are one such undesirable result. Mothers wishing to minimize stretch marks, may turn to surgery as a solution. In Naples, plastic surgeons offer stretch mark removal in a Mommy Makeover package.


Some mothers desire a younger looking appearance. They may wish to return to their post-baby-body physique. Although plastic surgery does not physically turn back the clock, patients opt for Mommy Makeovers from Naples plastic surgeons with hopes for a younger body appearance.

Self Appreciation

In Naples, women may also choose plastic surgery as a gift. After age affects the body, mothers may see plastic surgery as a gift to themselves after having children. Cosmetic patients consider surgery for self appreciation.

Every woman has their own motivation. Patients choose surgery with different goals, ideals and results in mind. For more information about procedures, plastic surgery, and results patients can contact Prysi Cosmetic Surgery. Call 239-449-6489, staff and doctors will work with patients to provide answers.