The Prysi Cosmetic Surgery Center

Cosmetic Surgery is concerned with the molding and reshaping of the face and body for the purpose of establishing or recreating a youthful appearance, harmony, proportion, symmetry and ultimate beauty. Dr. Mark Prysi uses his subjective judgment, artistic skill, and experience to accomplish this.

This is a wonderful time to live! Dramatic innovations in cosmetic surgery such as endoscopic face lift techniques and Sciton laser resurfacing combined with Dr. Prysi’s artistic talent produce consistently superior results. The endoscopic facial rejuvenation technique has minimized physical scarring and has allowed Dr. Prysi to treat areas previously inaccessible by standard techniques, such as the mid-face. Advantages include minimal incisions and a more natural look, especially in the central face.

In addition, ultrasonic liposuction has dramatically improved body contouring results, allowing increased fat removal with skin contraction. Endoscopic surgery has also eliminated the scars on the breasts after breast augmentation and diminished the scars of a “tummy tuck.”

Dr. Prysi’s unique artistic vision combined with his innovative techniques have produced the dramatic results you will see during your consultation, on our web site, and at our seminar. All post-operative patients shown are patients of Dr. Prysi’s and we greatly appreciate their permission to share their results.

To begin the process of exploring your options and gathering information, please contact Dr. Prysi’s office. You can speak with an informed and helpful member of his staff and find out when the next complimentary seminar is being held, and/or schedule your one on one consultation.

It is important that you learn as much as possible about the procedures you are interested in, as well as the doctor who will perform them. As a plastic surgeon serving Naples and Ft. Myers, Dr. Prysi has developed innovative techniques during his many years in practice and he has a strong, unwavering philosophy about the excellent quality-of-care standards each of his patients receives and has a supportive staff that is also committed to the same philosophy.

Please let Dr. Prysi and his staff know how they can assist you in making educated choices about enhancing your personal appearance. Their professional judgment has been developed through many years of training and experience.