What Can I Expect for Tummy Tuck Recovery?

After a Tummy tuck, or Abdominoplasty, you will have less fat and skin! As an in-patient surgery, however, you will be asked to follow recovery guidelines before shutterstock_163719923enjoying it fully. Your procedure offers distinct and different results depending on how you treat yourself to healing. Treat yourself right and you will receive better results.

The first expectation is taking time to rest. Although patients may be eager to experience their new appearances in the workplace or with friends, it is recommended that you stay at home and in bed for the first week. Watching what you eat, your mobility, and hydration is important. You will want to avoid complications and pay attention to your health during this time.

Treating yourself right will also mean wearing the right clothes. Your surgeon will provide a garment that will limit swelling and promote healing. It is important to wear this for the first days after surgery as it will help shape your results.  Keeping this on is important. This will mean avoiding the shower and trying not to get your compression garment wet or damaged.

In Naples and Cape Coral, Florida, the usual expectation includes for you to be moving around by the second week. You will be taking on and off the instructed garment and may need help doing so. At this time, your Dr. Prysi will recommend lowering pain medication. Start enjoying a little activity, and getting help from friends, allows you to start experiencing some of your desired results. After 5 weeks, your results will be ready for you and others to fully enjoy.