Child Otoplasty Q&A

Misshapen ears are caused by heredity, injury, and other factors. In Naples, FL plastic surgeons perform child Otoplasty procedures for more desirable shape and appearance.shutterstock_141859039 Children may become embarrassed or hindered by protruding or misshaped ear formation. Parents and patients interested in learning more can read this Q&A for more information.

What Does Otoplasty Correct?

Otoplasty can correct ear appearance in a few different ways. Ear protrusion, or the amount the ear “sticks out” from the head can be minimized. Malformations, or missing folds, can also be addressed with an otoplasty procedure. Surgeons use otoplasty procedures to make a variety of aesthetic corrections.

How is the Ear Reshaped?

During a procedure, a cosmetic surgeon will make incisions in the ear cartilage. Otoplasty procedures reshape the ear’s cartilage with folds, or pinning techniques. The reshaping technique ultimately depends on ear appearance and formation.

Where are Incisions Placed?

Cosmetic surgeons conceal incisions in the folds, or behind the ear. Once ear shaping concludes, sutures hold and support the new formations. The appearance is created and the ear heals for a more aesthetically pleasing formation.

What does Recovery Include?

Sutures are usually permanent, meaning recovery typically only requires healing. Cosmetic surgeons place bandages over incisions and sutures to further ensure ear formation. Sleeping positions can also improve the recovery experience.

Ear procedures can improve shape, esteem, and children’s lives. For more about child otoplasty, adult otoplasty, and cosmetic options, Prysi Cosmetic Surgery can answer further questions. A consultation is the first step towards improved ear formation.