Chin Trends in Plastic Surgery

At our practice in Naples, Florida, we offer chin surgery. Patients may reposition or enhance the appearance of their facial feature. Surgery can include implants to enhance the shutterstock_157876226chin, or reducing bone mass to shrink the appearance of the chin.

A new trend, is now offered for patients who want to see non-surgical results with their chin. The new option, called chin melting, reduces the fat in the chin. An injection is placed into the chin area and works to melt away fat. Patients may use this method to avoid undesirable aesthetic issues, like the “double chin”.
The new procedure is being tested and approved for safety. According to an article by The Daily Beast, the new prospective treatment might be on the market around May. It may be a new non-surgical fad upon its release.

Facial procedures are becoming more and more common with patients. According to a 2013 study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), facelifts, fillers, and peel popularity increased. You may see more and more of these facial options in the Naples, Florida area. Who knows what’s next? Maybe the double chin will become a desirable appearance and other procedures will become more popular. Some fads come, some fads go, and others stay in the repertoire of plastic surgery. Upon its release in May, plastic surgeons in the Naples area may discover if surgery or injections win over their crowd of patients. If existing surgical chin patients turn to this new faster procedure… we’ll experience a small shift in patients.