Breast Augmentation in Bonita Springs, FL

Dr. Mark Prysi offers a wide range of cosmetic procedures and is reputed for giving his patients consistently beautiful results with every procedure that is offered at Prysi Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Prysi shows immense patience with each patient and he listens attentively to understand specific issues and aesthetic goals. When his compassionate care is added to his vast experience and artistic eye, it gives you the beautiful and natural appearing results you desire. Undoubtedly then, he has often been reputed as one of the “Best Plastic Surgeons” in the US. Patients from Bonita Springs can now restore the youthful definition of their body and facial features at Prysi Cosmetic.

Dr. Prysi offers the experience and artistic skills required to offer you desired results and the best recovery experience. Your surgical results will be dramatic yet so natural appearing that not even your friends will know that you underwent a cosmetic procedure. Undoubtedly then, Dr. Prysi is so well sought after. He is especially reputed for delivering optimal results with various breast procedures offered at our center. The most popular breast procedure offered at our center remains breast augmentation.

Why do women opt for breast augmentation?

There are various reasons such as genetics, aging, childbirth, breast feeding, and massive weight loss that lead to undesirable changes in the breasts. Some of these changes women are constantly struggling with include deflated breasts, droopy nipples, volume loss, or asymmetry. These changes in appearance also bring with them emotional changes that include a loss of confidence. When clothes do not fit well, a number of women begin to avoid social situations and this affects their quality of life. Dr. Prysi understands these diverse effects of breast changes on you and he is committed to eliminating your specific breast issues. He strives to help you achieve your desired youthful breast contours.

When you choose to augment your breasts, you will have to make several choices including the size, shape, projection and placement of the breast implants. During your consultation, we understand your unique requirements and goals and help you make the right choices. Dr. Prysi is the only plastic surgeon in South West Florida who has completed a breast surgery fellowship at the Vanderbilt University and he uses his expert training and experience to help you achieve your desired results. We help you make confident decisions using computer imaging that helps you see your possible results with different implant sizes and shapes during the consultation. Any chances of an infection post-surgery are reduced with the “no touch” technique Dr. Prysi uses for inserting your implants. During your augmentation procedure, he will use an endoscope with the Keller Funnel in order to reduce the number of incisions. This means that you get minimal incisions which are inconspicuously placed.

Not every augmentation surgeon possesses the surgical skills of Dr. Prysi. In case you are dissatisfied with the results of a previously undergone breast augmentation, he can help you correct your results. Some women may also decide to reduce the size or shape of their implants after some years. Dr. Prysi is an expert at helping you achieve the breast contours you always desired. Here are the breast augmentation procedures our patients from Bonita Springs can choose from:

About Bonita Springs, FL

Bonita Springs is a city in the Southwest of Florida. It is known for its Gulf Coast parks and beaches including the secluded Little Hickory Island Beach Park and Bonita Beach Park that features sand dunes. To the north is the Lovers Key State Park which is a popular swimming and kayaking spot. The park is made up of 4 barrier islands and it is home to dolphins and manatees. The Everglades Wonder Gardens feature orchids, reptiles and parrots. Some other points of interest for visitors include the Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs, Barefoot Beach Preserve Park and the Naples – Fort Myers Greyhound Track; the 156 feet Bonita Springs Water Tower situated on Big Hickory Island is best viewed in the day time.