Breast Augmentation in Fort Myers, FL

Dr. Mark Prysi is reputed for the consistently excellent and natural looking results he has been offering his patients. Dr. Prysi offers his patients in Fort Myers the unique combination of experience, compassionate care and an eye for artistic details. We understand that each patient has their own individual body concerns and cosmetic goals. His immense expertise has made Dr. Prysi the ‘Best Plastic Surgeon’ as is obvious from different sources which cite him as such. Patients in Fort Myers can regain the youthful definition to their face and body, benefitting from his surgical skills.

It is his vast experience and artistic details which allows Dr. Prysi to offer stunning results to his patients. Your results will be dramatic yet subtle enough so that your friends and colleagues won’t even know that you underwent a cosmetic procedure. This is another reason why Prysi MD is sought after. Dr. Prysi is especially famous for offering naturally beautiful results to his women patients who desire better breast contours through the comprehensive breast procedures offered at our center.

Why do women choose a breast procedure?

There are many reasons why women may notice undesirable changes in their breasts including age, genetics, pregnancy, breast feeding or massive weight loss. You may be struggling with concerns like deflated breasts, sagging skin and droopy nipples, loss of volume or very large breasts. Not only do these lead to a change in your appearance but also riddle you with medical issues like back pain and skin rashes and emotional issues like reduced self image and self confidence. Some women may also have been considering a breast procedure for some years due to under developed and asymmetrical breasts. Dr. Prysi is committed to helping women eliminate their breast concerns and achieve youthful breasts that are well proportioned and beautifully contoured.

If you are looking to augment your breasts, we offer several choices including the size of implant, kind of implant and their placement. Dr. Prysi is the only plastic surgeon in South West Florida who has completed a breast surgery fellowship at Vanderbilt University after his plastic surgery training. He helps you make an informed choice using computer imaging so that you can see your future results with different shapes and sizes of implants. When you get your procedure at Prysi MD, you also benefit from fewer risks of infection due to the ‘no touch’ technique used. All implants are inserted using an endoscope and this also reduces the incisions during your procedure. You can achieve natural appearing results with these minimal incisions that are placed inconspicuously so that you remain confident both with and without clothes.

It is very important to choose your surgeon for breast procedures wisely. If you are unhappy with the results of a previously undergone procedure, Dr. Prysi has the skills to offer you the results you always desired. Some women also decide to change the shape and size of their implants after some years to appear more age appropriate. We help you reduce the implant size or change your contours as per your desired goals.

You can get youthful breasts which fit in well with your lifestyle and body type. Our male patients in Fort Myers can also get reduction in case they suffer from gynecomastia or enlarged breasts. Dr. Prysi helps men restore their toned masculine chest and regain the confidence to go shirtless once again. Here are the breast procedures patients in Fort Myers can choose from:

About Fort Myers, FL

Fort Myers is the county seat and commercial center of Lee County in Florida. The most famous point of interest is the not for profit environmental education organization built on a 105 acre site, the Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium. It features a museum, three nature trails, butterfly and bird aviaries, a planetarium, a gift shop and meeting and picnic areas. You can also visit the Imaginarium Science Center, the Southwest Florida Museum of History and the waterfront entertainment district, Historic Downtown.