Fast Facts: Breast Augmentation and Breast Feeding

In Naples, women opt for breast augmentations at different points in their lives. Patients may choose cosmetic surgery after pregnancy or before. Some women patients wonder how breast shutterstock_257304877surgery affects breast feeding. Here are some fast facts about surgery and breast feeding:

An article by stated that 1 in 5 women were unable or unwilling to breast feed after plastic surgery. Patients in Naples may choose to avoid breast feeding or be unable to do so.

Surgery may or may not affect breast feeding depending on a variety of factors. The incision placement, surgical techniques, and other factors affect glands producing breast milk.

Implant size may lower a woman’s ability to breast feed. The size of the implant in correlation to the size of a woman’s breast may make breast feeding more difficult. Larger sizes are more likely to hinder breast feeding ability.

Nevertheless, breast implants in Naples may offer the same affects as other breast procedures. Any breast procedure can affect breastfeeding. Patients choosing whether or not to use implants may notice similar results.

Women wondering about breast feeding can ask their plastic surgeon about possible affects. Some women, who desire to breast feed their child, can also wait to have a procedure. As pregnancy often affects body appearance, women may want to wait until they are done having children. For more information about procedures, breast augmentation, and plastic surgery options call 239-449-6489 for Prysi Cosmetic Surgery. Staff and doctors will work with patients to provide answers.