Fast Facts: Young Patients and Plastic Surgery

shutterstock_191476016Plastic surgery offers results to many areas of the body. Facial procedures, body procedures, and skin treatments are some options for patients in Naples, Florida. Surgeons also offer procedures to varying aged patients. What are the facts about plastic surgery and age? Read on for more information:

In most areas, patients under the age of 18 require consent. Before plastic surgery is possible, young patients need parent approval. A teenager can choose plastic surgery if a parent supports their decision.

In younger patients, maturity levels may not offer decision making skills. Although parents can support a child’s decision, plastic surgeons can also determine eligibility. Plastic surgeons in Naples can refuse patients if they prefer to operate on older patients.

Bodies develop differently. While some regions continue to change as we age, other body areas remain the same. The ears and nose, for example, may not grow until adulthood. The growth of the body can affect surgical results.
Patients as young as four can experience plastic surgery. Ear pinning, or corrective procedures can be performed successfully at a young age. Depending on whether a plastic procedure is corrective or aesthetic, a plastic surgeon may perform procedures while a patient is still young.

Ultimately, young patients can opt for many procedures including lip enhancements, ear pinning, as well as more invasive procedures. Parent permission, maturity, and surgeon preference determines if a procedure will be performed.

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