Looking For Breast Implants? – Know All Your Options

One of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, breast implants, have proven their safety over time with the most tested devices in the history of the FDA. Despite this, most women may shutterstock_191254583not be aware that they have options beyond the Saline or Silicone implants.

Manufacturers are constantly coming up with medical devices which offer the most natural results to women. The recent ‘gummy bear’ or the tear shaped breast implants may be just the option women in Naples, FL have been looking for.

Breasts naturally have more projection at the bottom and it may be a good idea to choose implants that are shaped similarly. Most women desire different kinds of profiles from their implant. The new ‘form stable’ implants offer customization beyond the moderate, low or high projection to women. This allows your surgeon to offer you personalized results.

Since most women want a round and full look, the round implants are the most popularly used silicone implants in the US today. With various profiles available, women get the option of an ideal implant size with the best style as well. With the number of options available to women, no doubt they have more questions than before. It is imperative that you consult your board certified surgeon when considering implants.

You may not already have an ideal implant size and shape when you walk into your consultation. Remember that your surgeon has placed hundreds or even thousands of them and will be glad to guide you regarding the look you want. You must keep in mind that it is fairly easy today to customize your results with the choices in style, shape and size of the implants.