More Men are Looking to Plastic Surgery

Women have been the primary patients for plastic surgery for many years. However, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, male patients are choosing more procedures. The number of procedures shutterstock_138177767increased 13% during 2013. We may wonder, and beg the question: “Why?”

Working the Look

Men are staying in jobs longer than before, they are working longer hours for longer periods of time. As they age, they may begin to notice the appearance of more wrinkles, areas of sagging skin, or a less defined jaw line. In Naples, as a step towards altering their appearance, these men are visiting surgeons like Dr. Prysi. For some careers, age can elicit more respect at a workplace, but for others, a healthful look can be a boost. Possibly hoping to show a fresher face for board presentations, male patients opt for a facelift in Naples and other surgical options.

A Man’s World

A fresh face in the workplace may be great, but a fresh face for the home also motivates men. After coming home from a long day’s work, men may take the time to look at themselves in the mirror. Sources suggest that men are just as eager for a self esteem boost as women patients. They may be opting for procedures as a way to pick themselves up and get back into the game. They may feel that those wrinkles and folds have plagued them for too long. They want to erase the lines and draw in a new social sphere or wardrobe.

In addition to facelift surgery, Naples’s males are also opting for other procedures. Men are getting implants, calf augmentations, and breast reductions. Patients opting for procedures are individuals and choose many different options for their needs.