New Year, New You

How many of us in Naples, FL make a New Year resolution, only to let it slide? A new year can mean making time for a new you. In cosmetic surgery, Naples dwellers shutterstock_212093479have personal desires for a fitter looking body or slimmer waistline. Sometimes resolutions fail because they are unrealistic, or we really aren’t motivated. There’s also the do-it-for-one-week crowd that suddenly realizes they don’t want it anyway. Patients can make their own resolutions: to alter their appearance according to their desires. However, some of their desires are simply unrealistic. They want a look that plastic surgery is not likely to give them.


Some patients are excited about starting their journey. That’s great! Nevertheless, taking a little more time before committing to their surgical resolution may be a good first step. Patients should understand their surgeon and his or her practice before opting for surgery. Before and after photos are a great way to understand what tummy tucks, liposuction, or breast augmentations can and cannot do for you. Researching = Reliable Resolution.


Sometimes the actual gym workout is not difficult, but driving through Naples traffic is. For optimal results, cosmetic surgeons recommend working on general health. Exercise and diet improves recovery time; patients can expect more from themselves and their procedure! A good question to ask yourself is: “why am I doing this”? The answer to that question can reinvigorate your desires and help you get the most from your resolution.


In Naples, there are a lot of ambitious people who are both motivated and realistic. They have researched their options and have defined motivation. However, after they achieve their results, they don’t work to enjoy or maintain them. Although plastic surgery can give you a slimmer, more aesthetic appearance, regaining weight can affect your results. Again, going to the gym, exercising, and improving your diet can help.  You can stick with your resolution for a new you.