The Most Comfortable Body Contouring Treatment

While there is no shortage of non-surgical treatments on the market; they are not all the same. BTL Vanquish ME is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that is quite different than most and doesn’t involve the contact of an applicator. This is one of the characteristics that makes Vanquish more comfortable than some of the other options on the market.

How Does BTL Vanquish ME Work?

The BTL Vanquish ME body-contouring treatment is a contactless treatment that uses radio frequency to heat and subsequently eliminate the unwanted fat cells in the targeted treatment area. The no-contact applicator is big enough to cover a large area for more effective and comfortable treatment for healthy and qualified patients. This treatment only requires 6 treatments ideally scheduled 1 – 2 weeks apart per area for natural looking results. The front of the abdomen can be treated in 45 minutes, 30 minutes for the flanks (sides of the body) for circumferential treatment; for a total of 1:15 hours per treatment. The no-contact applicator uses heat produced by radio frequency energy to stimulate the cells, heat them, and eliminate them all without making uncomfortable contact with the skin.

What Makes Vanquish Different?

  • Treatment Period – The overall treatment period for Vanquish is 5 weeks; unlike other body contouring procedures that require the treatment area to have sessions performed one month apart. Vanquish only requires one week in between treatments.
  • Pain or Discomfort – The chance of the patient feeling any pain during the treatment is low because the applicator doesn’t touch the skin. The warming sensation is more like a hot stone massage rather than a numbing or pulling sensation.
  • Downtime – Without an applicator tugging on your skin or possibly making it red from heat contact, there is no downtime associated with the treatment. The skin will look normal and may just feel warm to the touch post-treatment. With the unique no-contact applicator, you don’t have to worry about any unevenness while you wait for the next treatment.

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