Vanquish – FDA Approved For Circumferential Abdominal Reduction

BTL industries, one of the leading manufacturers of medical and aesthetic devices, has recently announced an FDA clearance of their ground breaking Vanquish device. Committed to delivering shutterstock_196552964meaningful aesthetic solutions, BTL has proven their mettle once again with the BTL Vanquish. This patented device uses radio frequency, which targets thermal effects into the fat layer, while keeping the surrounding tissue protected.

Clinical studies show that Vanquish permanently destroys fat, offering measurable reduction of the abdominal area and without the cost of surgery or any downtime. This is indeed a great step towards providing both surgeons and patients with the latest option for shaping and slimming the body.

Vanquish is clinically proven and safe, since it does not touch the patient’s body. A panel array emits RF energy with a larger spot size than any other system available today. This allows for the entire core to be treated during one application. This is very different from the other systems available today, as they typically require suction or repeated applications. Already touted as a well-designed option for this treatment, Vanquish has certainly marked a defining moment in aesthetic treatments. Reducing the circumference of the waistline was never this easy, comfortable or affordable.

Vanquish offers everything that patients and surgeons could wish for – a high tech, non-invasive, and proven safe device for surgeons; and a wonderfully contoured core and small waistline without any inconvenient surgery or downtime for the patients.