What to Expect From Your Mommy Makeover Recovery

If you’re considering a mommy makeover, then you most likely know that it comes with the most extensive recovery period of any plastic surgery procedure. Although the results are worthwhile, it can be helpful to know what to expect in order to allay any fears. Here are some things to be prepared for after your mommy makeover surgery with Dr. Prysi.

Expect a few weeks of downtime

Since the mommy makeover includes multiple procedures in one, the most important thing you can do after surgery is rest. It’s likely that you’ll need to set aside several weeks to devote to recovering and letting your body heal. Whether you normally work or stay home, you’ll need to consider the repercussions of taking substantial time away to recover. If it’s not the right time for taking a lot of time away from your schedule, then consider moving your mommy makeover to a later date.

Look for help at home

During your downtime, you’ll be asked to avoid heavy lifting or performing active tasks around the house. In this case, you should enlist an adult friend or family member to help with managing child and pet care, as well as other household upkeep. Additionally, you will need to have someone keep an eye on you for the first few days after the procedure as you go through your initial recovery.

Follow instructions

Because the mommy makeover can be an extensive surgery, there will be a lot of important steps to follow. This can include managing incisions and dressings, as well as avoiding sleeping in certain positions. You may also need to wear special compression garments to help with blood flow. Dr. Prysi will prescribe medications to manage pain and swelling, so be sure to take these as instructed. Following all of these steps as best as you can will mean your recovery can be successful and risk-averse.

Be patient

This is one of the most important steps! The mommy makeover takes time to produce its excellent results, so you should be prepared to expect your final results to emerge far beyond your surgery date. Swelling will continue to go down in the months following your procedure, and it can take even longer for your new contours to settle in. A mommy makeover can produce transformative results, and the best things in life are worth waiting for.

Schedule a Consultation

The mommy makeover can be an amazing option for moms looking to feel like themselves again. To begin customizing your ideal mommy makeover with the help of Dr. Prysi, contact our Naples office by calling or filling out our online form.