Why Fall is the Best Time for Cosmetic Surgery

Summer is most often the time when people have cosmetic surgery on their minds. This is usually because they want to look their best on the beach and in their favorite swimsuits. Although this is understandable, summer isn’t the best time for undergoing cosmetic surgery for a variety of reasons. If you’re considering cosmetic surgery, here are some reasons to consider waiting until fall to schedule your surgery.

It’s the Perfect Temperature for Recovery

Getting cosmetic surgery during the hot and warm months of summer is not always the best choice. Healing from cosmetic surgery when it’s hot can be uncomfortable. You’ll feel much better when you recover in a cool and more relaxing environment, and you’ll notice the difference when you do. Sweating can also cause irritation on your incisions, which means you’ll need to stay cool. Additionally, your incisions need to stay out of the sunlight until fully healed, as sun damage can negatively affect the healing process.

You’ll Recover in Time for Summer

Depending on the type of surgery, it might take a few months for you to fully recover. Getting your cosmetic surgery in the summer is not the best choice if you want to look great in time for summer fun. This means you should schedule your surgery in the fall and look forward to showing off your results next summer. If you schedule your surgery during the summer, it’s likely you’ll spend most of your time in recovery trying to cover up any residual swelling or bruising.

It’s Easier to Hide Your Bandages

Keeping your incisions covered is a normal part of recovery, but it’s normal to prefer keeping them hidden. The good news is that planning your surgery during the fall is a great way to keep your bandages out of sight. Fall is the perfect time for sweaters and long sleeves that you can use to hide your bandages until you finish making your recovery, rather than during the summer when you’ll tend toward lighter clothing. If you’re looking for discretion when it comes to your cosmetic surgery, the Fall can be a better time for surgery.

Schedule a Consultation

Fall is a great time to schedule your cosmetic surgery, so your first step is meeting with a board-certified plastic surgeon. During your consultation, Dr. Prysi can create the right surgical plan for you and your goals, with a timeframe that can help you look your best when it matters most. To meet with our team, we invite you to contact our Naples office by calling or filling out our online form.