Wrinkles in Time

From worry lines to crows feet, wrinkles form in many different places. The Florida sun can create drier skin with a profinity to crease. In Naples, for example, you might wake up for your morning commute, look in the rearview mirror and notice a new line. What can you do for your wrinkles?

Using many different methods, cosmetic surgeons eliminate those deep creases and folds in your skin. They encourage new layers of skin growth and stimulate collagen – the natural plumper of the skin. Understanding how the skin works, surgeons like Dr. Prysi can restore skin to a smoother, tighter look. You may want that new youthful skin, but not understand how to maintain it. Here are some tips:

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Drink that water and keep hydrated. Your skin, like the rest of your body, gets thirsty. And, unlike your other organs, skin is constantly exposed to the elements. The sun, wind, and dry heat can zap your skin’s natural water supply. By drinking more water, more often, you can naturally plump the look of your skin. You can maintain the results of your procedure for longer.

Little Habits

Drinking water is great to moisturize skin,  but it’s also a good idea to jump start on other habits. A daily skin regimen is a simple one. Whether you use face wash, astringent, and or moisturizer, your skin may benefit. Whatever your habits are, is good to stick to them. Wear a scarf on windy days; apply sunscreen when you go to the beach. One little step can lead to a journey of skin health. In time, your skin will thank you. Your wrinkles will be less noticeable.