Your Breast Augmentation Questions Answered

Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure that helps enhance the size, shape, and contours of patients’ breasts. Despite being a very popular option, many women still have questions about breast augmentation recovery— and that’s a good thing! It’s important to be informed about your options and your chosen procedure. Here are some answers to common questions as you plan your consultation.

How long does it take to recover from breast augmentation?

Since everybody is unique, your recovery will be as well— however, most women return to their regular routines within 2 weeks of their augmentation. Most swelling from the procedure goes down within 4 to 6 weeks, and you will continue to see improvement in your results for a few months after. With time, your implants will settle in their intended position and the muscles and tissues will continue to heal. Continue to follow your surgeon’s instructions like wearing a surgical bra and taking prescribed medications regarding exercise.

What can I expect after breast augmentation?

The first few days after your breast augmentation should be spent in complete bedrest you are encouraged to reduce your activity. We ask that you get out of bed and walk around the house every 2 hours during the daytime hours. The more you let your body heal, the faster and more effective your recovery will be. You should completely avoid any heavy lifting and strenuous activities, which includes caring for children or pets, so you should make the appropriate arrangements. When your breast implants are placed under the pectoral muscle, it might look as if they are sitting high on your chest. It’s important to keep in mind that your implants will settle in to their intended position with time.

What should I avoid after breast augmentation?

In order to ensure that your recovery goes smoothly and safely, you should be sure to avoid a few things. Firstly, avoid sleeping on your stomach or sides for the first few weeks to prevent any strain on your incisions and ensure that healing is even on both sides. It’s also important that you don’t participate in any strenuous activity like running or jumping that could dislodge your implants or disturb your incisions. Dr. Prysi can guide you through the gradual increase in activities.

For the first few weeks of your surgery, you should avoid lifting your arms to reach over the shoulders, and this is more important if you have had armpit incisions. You should also avoid feeling or moving around your breasts during your initial recovery period.

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