Breast Augmentation Revision – Naples & Fort Myers, Florida

Women choose breast augmentation for deeply personal reasons. Feeling beautiful is the first thing on a patient’s mind, and no woman anticipates having to undergo breast augmentation revision due to unsatisfying results. Thankfully, Dr. Prysi has a solution for your continued health and happiness.

Breast Augmentation Revision in Naples

There are many reasons why women choose implant revision:

Unsatisfying Cosmetic Results

In some cases, a woman may not be happy with her surgical outcome and needs breast implant correction. Other women trade older saline implants for silicone breast implants made of cohesive silicone gel.  Dr. Prysi serves many of these patients from the Fort Myers area.

Capsular Contracture

This complication occurs when the tissue that naturally forms around the breast implant begins to tighten and constrict, creating a hardened breast that feels and looks unnatural. Following Dr. Prysi’s instructions regarding breast care is the first step in preventing a capsular contracture.

Implant Deflation or Rupture

Though implant rupture is not very common, it does occur for a small percentage of women. The effects of a saline implant rupture are immediately obvious, with the sterile saline being harmlessly absorbed into the body. The current generation of silicone gel implants will maintain their shape if torn or ruptured, so regular MRI screenings are needed to detect rupture.

If you are unhappy with the results of your original augmentation, Dr. Prysi can make corrections in Naples, Florida.  Schedule a consultation today to see if breast augmentation revision is right for you!