Reasons Cosmetic Patients Choose Surgery

In Naples, cosmetic patients include men, women, young, and old. Surgeons consult a diverse group of patients. However, the reasons for consultations may not be quite as diverse. RealSelf.comshutterstock_126153479 published an article which noted both baby boomers and millennials choose procedures for similar reasons. Read on for reasons diverse patient segments choose cosmetic procedures:

  1. Earned Reward

RealSelf studies indicated baby boomers choose procedures because they feel they “earned it”. Patients reward themselves for retirement, raising their adult children, or other experiences. As a type of self-esteem reward, patients choose to address specific areas during their consultations. (Tummy tucks and augmentations were the most popular between all ages).

  1. Deserved Reward

Earning is one reason, deserving is another. Cosmetic patients also elect plastic surgery as a deserved reward. Parenting and pregnancy can encourage patients to schedule a consultation. Older and younger patients choose surgical procedures out of personal volition.


  1. Body Reward

Cosmetic surgery offers volume, curves, and contours. Cosmetic patients choose surgery for tone, appearance, and shape. Whether choosing the procedure for themselves, or within a peer group, patients choose surgery as a reward for their personal physique.


  1. Professional Reward


Finally, the workplace can motivate a consultation call. Patients choose cosmetic surgery for injections, facelifts, or eyelid surgery for a new look at the office.


Patients choose surgery for a variety of reasons. In response to those patients, Prysi Cosmetic Surgery & Spa Med offers cosmetic options. These patients can visit the office or call ahead at (239) 449-6489 for their consultation.