Top 3: Tips before Your Surgical Procedure

Sometimes medical terms may be confusing. Although your surgeon may know the ins and outs of shutterstock_149273726surgery, you may be desiring more information. For patients who want to prepare for their surgery, here are three things you may want to know before your procedure:

Incision Placement

Incision placement varies greatly between surgeons. Some surgeons may have preferences; incisions can allow different amounts of access to surgical areas. For a procedure, such as a breast reduction, there can be at least 3 different types of incisions. These incisions may affect healing or even post-surgical results. You can learn more about different incisions from Dr. Prysi or you can visit for further descriptions.


In addition to different incisions, there are many different types of anesthesia. While a facial procedure like facelift may use a topical anesthesia, a surgery may require a local, general, or IV anesthetic. Information about your anesthetic can help you better understand what to expect from your cosmetic treatment.


Before a procedure, Dr. Prysi can tell you about recovery times, incision care, and post-surgery instructions. It is important to read this information to guide you through an operation. However, to get a more complete idea of your procedure, patient testimonies can offer perspective. Our patient testimonies page is a great place to start. In Naples, FL some patients post their recovery experience in blogs and online resources. These can help you understand your procedure.

These three tips in combination can help you prepare for your procedure. Patients are encouraged to learn more about their procedure during a consultation with Dr. Prysi.