The Weight of Age in Plastic Surgery

In Naples FL, plastic surgery patients can be a variety of ages. Patients as young as 13, with parent permission, can undergo certain procedures. Older men and women, reaching past their fifties, choose facelift and augmentation. A study published by The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology revealed that married women, who were older than their partner, chose facial procedures. Although age varies, there are a few things Naples surgeons and patients should consider:

Perfectionism shutterstock_195668414

When considering age, it is important to remember that perfection is not beauty. Patients can be too young for certain procedures; Naples women in their 20’s, seeing their first wrinkle, may be too quick to schedule their consultation. Every patient may have their own desires for their appearance, but waiting a little longer might not be such a bad thing. Perfectionism is not necessarily beauty.


For younger patients, the concern is their ability to discern and be vocal about their desires. Younger patients may be easily coerced by outside influences, or, be silenced by their parents about their cosmetic wants. The ability to choose can be a sway point for some surgeons. When is the patient too young? Are they responsible enough to understand their choice? Each surgeon may have their own standard, but it is important that younger patients are able to voice their opinion.

In Naples, FL we perform ear pinnings, or otoplasty, on young patients with misshaped ears. Young patients may also come in asking for other procedures. From ear pinning, to breast reduction procedures, patients can choose a variety of options. Age will weigh in, it is up to the patient and the surgeon to scale that decision.