Which Breast Procedure Is Right for You?

Breasts come in as many shapes and sizes as the women they’re attached to. Although we at Prysi Cosmetic Surgery are all about body positivity, we also understand that some women have problems embracing what they have. Whether you are unhappy with your breasts’ shape or the way they affect the fit of your clothes, these little insecurities may weigh on you.

If you’re looking to get a breast procedure done, you’ll want to figure out what type of surgeries are out there. Knowing which breast surgery is best for your situation can be tricky, especially for newcomers to plastic surgery. Here is a list of the major breast surgeries to help get you started.

Augmentation with Implants

Breast augmentation with breast implants is among the more common procedures in plastic surgery. If you want to boost your bust, saline or silicone implants may be best.

Breast augmentation surgery involves many factors, such as breast size, shape, type of implant, placement within the chest area, and the point of incision. Dr. Prysi will help each patient make the most informed decision by analyzing body shape, lifestyle, and personal goals for their new look.

Fat Transfer Augmentation

Not every woman is suited for a traditional breast implant. Fat transfer breast augmentation, which is also known by names like lipo-filling or fat grafting, works best for women that want to subtly increase their breast volume between one-half to one cup size.

This sort of procedure involves “tumescent liposuction,” sucking away small fats from stubborn spots like the thighs and butt. The fat is then purified and reintroduced into the breasts in a way that improves the patient’s profile. This is for those who desire a much less dramatic change than an augmentation.

Breast Lift

While breast augmentations and lipo-filling are great for achieving larger breasts, they are nearly useless to correct the rigors of time and rearing children. Age, gravity, breastfeeding and even changes in weight can cause stretching of the breast tissue, resulting in more pendulous breasts.

Women who have grown aware that their breasts or nipples see to be pulled or pointing downward may wish to consider a breast lift. This procedure involves making an incision and readjusting the fat and tissue within, trimming excess skin and even tweaking the nipples’ positioning, if needed. While this procedure is reliable and yields immediate results, it will not stop future sagging from weight fluctuations or other tweaks to your skin’s stretchiness.

A fair number of women choose to bolster their breast lift with one of the two procedures mentioned before.

Breast Reduction

Chronic pain around the upper torso and neck is experienced by many large-chested women; enough to give rise to this common procedure to reduce the size enough to either diminish such ongoing pain or to create a more proportionate figure. Breast reductions, technically known as reduction mammoplasties, involve removing excessive fat, tissue, and skin with incisions and liposuction. The procedure has a number of benefits for those who are interested. Your specific procedure will vary depending on the needs of your body – you may require a reduction and a lift, and may even need some reshaping of the tissue around the nipple to be proper.

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