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Reasons Cosmetic Patients Choose Surgery

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In Naples, cosmetic patients include men, women, young, and old. Surgeons consult a diverse group of patients. However, the reasons for consultations may not be quite as diverse. RealSelf.comshutterstock_126153479 published an article which noted both baby boomers and millennials choose procedures for similar reasons. Read on for reasons diverse patient segments choose cosmetic procedures:

  1. Earned Reward

RealSelf studies indicated baby boomers choose procedures because they feel they “earned it”. Patients reward themselves for retirement, raising their adult children, or other experiences. As a type of self-esteem reward, patients choose to address […]

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More Men are Looking to Plastic Surgery

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Women have been the primary patients for plastic surgery for many years. However, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, male patients are choosing more procedures. The number of procedures shutterstock_138177767increased 13% during 2013. We may wonder, and beg the question: “Why?”

Working the Look

Men are staying in jobs longer than before, they are working longer hours for longer periods of time. As they age, they may begin to notice the appearance of more wrinkles, areas of sagging skin, or a less defined jaw line. In Naples, as a step towards […]

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