Plastic Surgery in Estero, FL

Recognized and lauded on an international level, board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Prysi, is a leading plastic surgeon in Estero, south Florida, and America. He brings many years of experience and an impeccable artistic eye to his practice, as well as compassion, empathy, and the desire to achieve your highest aesthetic goals with finesse.

A graduate of both Washington and Lee University, and the University of Virginia Medical School, Dr. Prysi has undergone exceptional medical education and experience in his training in both general surgery and plastic surgery at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital and University of Tennessee Medical Center. Dr. Prysi has not only undergone extensive education at top medical schools but also works to educate the plastic surgery community through lectures and seminars in the Estero area.

Breast Surgery Procedures

Having completed a breast surgery fellowship during his education, Dr. Prysi brings exceptional knowledge of breast procedures to his practice in Estero, as well as his reputation for patient care and understanding. He seeks to help women achieve their highest aesthetic goals with an eye for harmony and the best projection for their unique body. Dr. Prysi understands the confidence and contentment that can come with having the breasts you’ve always wanted.

Body Surgery Procedures

Procedures for the body can cover many different things, but they most often correct things like excess skin and fat, as well as non-surgical skin treatments. Dr. Prysi has been in private practice since 1989 and seeks to help patients have the utmost confidence in their bodies through life-changing procedures available to the Estero area.

Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures

The face can be the first place to begin to show signs of aging and is certainly the most noticeable. Dr. Prysi understands that the face is one of the primary ways we communicate, and problem areas on the face can be the basis for discomfort and self-consciousness. Facial procedures can correct wrinkles, folds, skin spots, and loss of volume through surgical and non-surgical procedures, all with Dr. Prysi’s expertise and artistic eye that many patients in Estero continually return to.

About Estero, Florida

Located on the Estero River, this town was founded by fishing families living on Mound Key, an island located within Estero Bay, before moving north. Mound Key is now preserved as an archaeological site believed to have been a ceremonial center constructed by the Calusa Native Americans. Estero also later hosted the Koreshan Unity community in the mid-19th century, whose land is now also preserved as a historic site within the town.